5m DIY Reutilizáveis de Nylon Cabo de Laços Velcros Alça Ajustável Laços de Cabo de Gestão de Nylon Fio Organizador da Planta de Jardim Ligação da Correia

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Etiquetas: enxerto de fita, café uniforme, avental, sutiã tshirt, isca estilingue, buganvílias, planta empate, reutilizáveis de velcro laços, jardim fio, abraçadeira velcro, adesivo de velcro.


  • Forma: Fita
  • Recurso: Eco-Amigável, Auto-adesivo
  • Número Do Modelo: 200004702, auto-Adesiva de velcro
  • Material: Poliéster / Nylon
  • Item De Comprimento: Comprimento mínimo 5meter
  • Item De Cores: Branco/Preto/Cinza
  • Utilização: Sacos, Garment, Sapatos
  • nome do item: Auto-Adesivo Gancho Loop
  • Origem: CN(Origem)
  • Item De Largura: 10mm
  • Item De Uso: Bolsa/Roupa/Sapatos/Manual De Adesivos
  • tamanho: 5M, 5m*1cm


Material: Nylon

Size: The whole roll is 5 meters long and 1cm wide

Parts List:

1 roll of magic cable tie


1.This kind of magic cable tie is made of nylon material, one side is hook-shaped material, and the other side is loop material.

2.The length of a single roll is 5 meters, and the width is 1cm.The single roll will be circled into a roll and packaged in an independent OPP bag.You can cut it at any time according to the length you need.

3.Easy to use: Simply wrap the object that needs to be bound and stick the front and back of the magic tape.This kind of binding tape can be reused.

4.Purpose: Suitable for wire organization and finishing of wires such as computers, guitar wires, speakers, microphone wires, and electronic extension wires.It is also suitable for bundling the growth branches and stems of garden plants.

5.This strip of reusable tape makes our home and office tidier.The benefit over tie wraps and plastic flexible conduit was it's easy to use, can be cut as needed, no waste.



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